When we know, who walks beside us, on this path we have chosen, our fears fall from us.

Monday, June 17, 2019

No Force Required

The Spiritual Concept of “Seeing God in others” has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with our Divine Connection one to another. It is a practical application of Living on the Spiritual Basis, for with raised consciousness we now recognize the spark of the Miraculous in all, regardless of their transgressions or how unlovely we may find them. By seeing all in our true light-as Spiritual beings experiencing the human condition, not human beings in search of the Divine-we address those struggling spiritually in silent prayer and contemplation of their needs, standing ready and willing to be of assistance, if asked. But we never force ourselves on anyone or attempt to answer unasked questions, for true growth must begin within the questioner. If asked though we must not shrink at our responsibility. We answer questions and spiritual concerns honestly and simply, based on our experience, employing tact and love, thinking how we would want to be addressed if the roles were reversed. In this way we demonstrate God within us, and in seeing this: the true path out of all difficulty, the road of happy destiny; there is a much greater chance they will want what we have and begin their journey of change and redemption in earnest, a day at a time.

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