When we know, who walks beside us, on this path we have chosen, our fears fall from us.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Good, for what A.I.L.s us

The path of enlightenment asks us “to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God’ with the proviso “as we understand Him.” This phrase is pivotal to the process, so the student must not take the easy way out. I have heard individuals refer to “God” as they understand Him as all manner of nonsensical things or objects; trees, doorknobs, etc. To wit:

Nonsense: n. 1. That which is without good sense; meaningless or ridiculous language. 2. Things of no importance.

To believe that “God” can be anything relegates god to being nothing in reality. “God is either everything or else He is nothing.” What is our choice to be? If you are struggling with the concept of a Power greater than yourself, you can start at a simple level. To truly set ones feet on the path to living on the Spiritual Basis God must be at least this: Available, Intelligent and Loving and nothing less. Available: to live on the Spiritual Basis requires daily visits with God in prayer and meditation. How is this possible if He is far away, distant or unavailable in any way? Intelligent: The Creator, the Architect of all that is, pretty much the epitome of intelligence. Loving: Here I would ask you to set aside any belief you may have of a vengeful Old Testament score keeper God. One of the keys to living on the Spiritual Basis is the truth that “the realm of Heaven is roomy, all inclusive. Never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek.” That God is never the author of trouble or sickness in our lives, His love boundless and unencumbered by human limitation.

Available, Intelligent and Loving, good for what AILs us.

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